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Wireless Networking and Application Development

Sotique software engineers have developed solutions utilizing a wide variety of networking systems and protocols in use today. Our experience spans both wide area and local area wireless systems. Wide area solutions experience includes Mobitex, ARDIS, CDPD, analog and digital cellular, and satellite systems. Local area solutions include several proprietary spread spectrum systems as well as 802.11 systems.

The hardware development and system integration expertise of Sotique's engineers provides the customer with a complete development service offering. Our system consultants can assist you in quickly taking your existing wired or manual data transfer applications into the wireless world today.

An example project follows:

Secure Wireless Networking

For an international warehousing equipment vendor, we have rejuvenated a proprietary wireless network product line by implementing strong link-layer security. The product used integrated UHF radio but lacked the strong security increasingly required for wireless deployments. The openSSL implementation was ported to the embedded device environment and inserted into the network layer of the stack. This allowed existing end-users to enjoy secure wireless networking with a simple software upgrade.

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