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Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC Development

Sotique's experience with Windows CE, Windows Mobile and Pocket PC covers a wide range of projects. We have implemented at both the applications and operating system levels in both the C/C++ and .NET environments. Beyond creating applications for CE-based devices, we have also implemented device drivers including USB host and client for Windows CE .NET.

We are well-positioned to fulfill your Windows CE programming requirements.

Sample projects:

IPsec VPN Hooks

We implemented a set of hooks to enable an IPsec VPN to do packet insertion on the network stack. This software is critical to VPN products, allowing packets to be extracted from the data-stream and encrypted prior to being sent "over the wire" and was used to enable a popular VPN product for Windows CE and Pocket PC.

USB Drivers

Sotique has implemented USB host drivers for the Cypress SL811HS controller on Windows CE. This enabled the device to support a range of USB devices such as mice, keyboards, printers and storage devices.

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