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Project Management

Sotique can manage large or small teams through the entire product development process, including product definition, planning, development, manufacture, approvals, and launch. The goal of each project is to ensure that all business issues are understood and resolved. We will assess the issues related to network or application design, hardware and software requirements, project delivery objectives, service, and support or training requirements.

At Sotique, we can take a project from concept through to production or, if required, bring a project at risk of failure to a successful conclusion.

Project Methodology

The Sotique development methodologies start at the requirements stage and carry right through system design, plans, schedule, team management, product cost and performance, project cost and senior management buy in. The Sotique team have a disciplined, systematic and analytic approach to problem solving.

Our project management team will gain a thorough understanding of all project specific requirements, prior to making any recommendations for hardware, software or other vendor requirements all with strong adherence to project budget.

A typical project includes the following core elements:

  • Identifying requirements (needs) and unidentified requirements (expectations)
  • Identifying stakeholders with differing needs and expectations
  • Organizing and describing the work of the project in the form of a project plan (scope, time lines, costs, methodology, etc.)
  • Managing communications (planning, information distribution, performance reporting and other administrative reporting)
  • Managing project quality (planning, assurance and control)
  • Identifying and managing the risk (risk mitigation and response development and control)

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